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    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2008
    So I went to Pittsburgh this weekend. I had a really good time, except for one thing. I lost my phone, which royally sucks.

    (What follows is incredibly tedious and boring - you've been warned)

    So after a long car ride (5 hours) with an infant (my friends have a baby, and she was visiting a friend who lives in Pittsburgh, while the guys were all doing a bachelor party thing). It was actually a pretty good trip. The baby was pretty good for 90% of the trip, and plus, I got to play with some of his toys. Score.

    So we get there, check into the hotel and head out to a place called the Church Brew Works. This is basically a higher end micro-brew place, but it's built in an old church. This lends the place a strange, but interesting atmosphere. Anyway, these little micro-breweries are very common in the Philly area, but apparently not in a lot of other places around the country. Anyway, good stuff, good beer, good times. So we eat and drink a bit, and decide to head to another area of the city (forget what it's called). One annoying thing about Pittsburgh is that there apparently aren't many cabs. So after about an hour of waiting, our cab finally arrives. We get in and head to the next place.

    About 5 minutes after getting there, I realize that my phone is missing. Great. I definitely had it before we left the Chuch works, so I must have lost it in the cab. I call the cab company. They ask me what the cab number was, like anyone knows that sort of thing. So they tell me to call back in the morning when they'll know if someone turned in the phone. We try calling my phone a bunch of times, but no one answers (I'm pretty sure I only had it on vibrate). So I've pretty much resigned myself to having lost my phone.

    But, the next morning, my buddy tells me that he got a call... from my phone. At 5 am. Now, my assumption here was that the cabbie was checking in for the night and in cleaning his car he found my phone, saw that we were calling it like crazy and hit the "Call Back" button or something. However, he didn't leave a message. So I call the cab company. They said that no one turned it in to the main office, but they would check with the driver to see if he has it. Of course, the driver is off on Sundays and also on the holiday on Monday. Khaaan!

    So in the mean time, we screw around at the hotel for a bit, then head out to Primanti's and get one of their crazy sandwiches. They're all done in the same style, which is two slices of bread (duh), some meat (which you choose - I got Capacola), some cole slaw (which I don't normally like, but which works well with this sandwich), and the key ingredient of a shitload of french fries. Awesome. Great sandwich (probably pretty bad for me, but still).

    From there we head to the baseball game. Decent game, though I really didn't care much for either team. Great stadium though. It's built up on 3 sides, and it has an open spot in the outfield... so basically, you can sit in the stadium and look out at the whole city. Pretty awesome. (I'd post a picture if I had my camera!) Anyway, there's this guy in front of us. He's a die hard cubs fan. Two of my friends were cubs fans, so they were talking to the guy. He's there with his son at the beginning, but his wife shows up and is absolutely miserable. She gets all upset about the seats because they're in the sun (they will only be in the sun for about another 20 minutes... because, you know, the sun moves during the day). Then she basically leaves for a few innings and returns towards the end of the game. She seems totally miserable and keeps asking her husband when the game will be over. She keeps saying things like "Are they trying to finish the game or are they just standing around?" and she keeps asking what's going on, but then gets totally pissed off when the guy tries to explain. Oh yeah, then the game gets tied in the 9th inning. The crowd is cheering, but the cubs fans are pissed because they were winning. This is the only time she seems happy... until she figures out that the game is now not over, and she goes off the deep end again. She keeps yelling at her husband and she wants to know "Are they trying to finish the game?" and she gets upset when he says both teams are, you know, trying to win. Eh, whatever, I've babbled long enough about the game. The Cubs lost.

    Anyway, we go to some other bar called The Sharp Edge. It specializes in Belgian beers, and we drank a lot of them. This got us nice and drunk and put a bit of a dent in our wallets. But it was worth it. We played darts for quite a while there, and I apparently can hit 15s in my sleep (I must have hit the triple 15 about 20 times).

    So ends my Pittsburgh adventure. Another 5 hour ride home on Monday and I'm back. Still no word about my cell phone though. Calls to my cell phone now go immediately to voicemail. I'm guessing it's out of batteries at this point. So I send one final text message, and then disable the thing. I suppose there's still an off chance that someone will get ambitious and find a way to return it or something.

    Anyway, in the meantime, I went to the AT&T store with my old phone, and they actually managed to switch my account to that phone in like 5 minutes. For free. I was totally expecting to pay out the ass for this, but I guess not. Awesome. I still want my iphone back though. I didn't realize how much I've come to rely on it for stuff, specifically internet stuff. Gah.

    Then I get back to work today and some crazy stuff is going on. Great! It'll get worked out I guess.

    Anyway, that's all. I hope you're all doing well:)

    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008 edited
    Dude, the thing about your phone sucks. I keep thinking, what do I need an iPhone for, 'cause I have Opera Mini and text messaging (and the phone part) and a camera that works well enough, so whatever, but I know if I ever get one, I'll fail to understand how I ever lived without one, just like how now I have no idea how I got by without text messaging or being able to get around getting the crappy mobile version of websites when browsing on my phone. Anyway, glad you otherwise enjoyed the trip (except the bitchy lady at the ball game). I still must drink Belgian beer.

    I went out to a ghost town in the desert over the weekend and lost my wrist brace somewhere there (my bet is the church). It was pretty interesting. I'll link to some photos some time in the next couple days for anyone who is interested. The place is called Amboy and was apparently a busy stopping point along Route 66 but once the I-40 was built, Amboy (and a lot of other little towns along 66) more or less disappeared. The town's population today is "approximately" four or something like that. As we were leaving, we realised we hadn't found the shoe tree that made me want to check it out in the first place. Damn. My wrist brace is cruising along Route 66, buying lost iPhones off strange cabbies from parts northeast. True fact.
    • CommentTimeJun 3rd 2008
    I'd have trouble upgraded from your phone to an iPhone. My old phone was a cheapo Nokia that had no camera, no internet, and the keys were falling out. Going back to that has sucked ass. And some of the small things about the iPhone are what I miss the most. For instance, visual voicemail is extremely useful, but in a way that is kinda subtle. You don't realize how awesome it is until you don't have it anymore:P

    At this point, my iPhone is probably on ebay or craigslist and will probably get sold to some schmuck who will try to activate it, at which point, I'll get it back. Maybe. Supposedly if anyone tries to activate it, it will come up as stolen/lost. My luck, this will happen just after I buy a new one.