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    • CommentTimeMay 26th 2008

    I won't say it wasn't entertaining but I won't say it wasn't stupid either.
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2008
    Yeah, that was silly. They definitely went more pulpy than the previous installments. So far, I haven't felt like George Lucas is raping my childhood, but I didn't feel that way about the Star Wars prequels either (though I think I enjoyed them more than most). Anyway, right now, I have this pegged as the worst of the 4 movies, though there are a lot of similarities with Temple of Doom. I can't tell if it's just nostalgia talking though. Take away the familiarity and love of the first movies, and what are you left with? A coworker said it was kinda like National Treasure, and that actually made me think for a minute...

    Indy seems to be best when facing Nazis and seeking out something out of Christian history/mythology, though I think the Communists, led by Kate Blanchett were pretty good stand-ins.

    You could definitely tell the script went through like 15 people. Way too much going on... an odd mish-mash of stuff going on.

    Still, it was ok. About what I expected, which wasn't that much. I was just hoping it wouldn't ruin my childhood, and it doesn't look like it did that.

    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2008
    Indiana Jones is definitely better chasing Judeo-Christian artifacts. I didn't mind the Soviets and I actually thought they didn't do a bad job with Indy being older but everything was so ridiculous and full of a million side-stories that never get any details. The first three movies all have the same, really simple plot: Indiana Jones looks for something, gets in trouble. And it worked! Now he's (former?) OSS, there's this double/triple/whatever agent friend of his, FUCKING ALIENS... bah.

    It was still totally entertaining. I think the whole thing with the refrigerator in the beginning was a good way of saying "this is going to be silly" and then I could enjoy the rest of the film for what it is.