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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2006
    Ok, so my little plan to blog multiple times a week has failed miserably. It didn't help that I made this little attempt to do so during the exceedingly busy holiday season, but I also seem to have trouble limiting myself to shorter posts.

    I just can't do it. I keep making connections and pulling together various strands until I end up with a large, sprawling post that's probably a little difficult to read. That's always been my style, I guess, but still...

    Today's post is a perfect example. Someone actually commented on last week's post about probabilistic systems. I read his post, and I wanted to make a few basic, small little points. First, the systems aren't supposed to be trustworthy, and second, there are other ways to "cheat" the system. I do both of those things and more in the post, but what I had originally considered to be a couple of paragraphs turned out to be much, much larger... I guess I'm just not very concise...

    Anyway, I've got no shortage of ideas for blog entries, but I do have a shortage of time with which to write them (especially in the upcoming week, which is going to stink)

    In any case, what does everyone think of the content of the blog lately. The last time I asked, everyone tended to prefer mixtures of content, but I've been pretty much steadily focusing on the same ideas lately... perhaps a lighter, movie themed post is in order next week...

    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2006
    I have to admit, I haven't read the whole post yet...it is long, but that's not a criticism, I just didn't have much time today.

    I like the subject material...I find the idea pretty interesting, and I have also come to enjoy the recurring themes that seem to pop up from time to time...IIRC, you had a run of stuff that was all somewhat related to the idea of self-organizing systems, which I thought was also pretty interesting.

    I'm still a fan of the mixed content...stuff about movies, music (new Tool album this spring, btw!!!), and whatnot is always cool. But, I'll never knock you for putting in the effort to write a long, in depth post about interesting topics. Of course I'm only one reader, but if you keep writing the posts, I'll keep reading them.
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2006
    Thanks. I still plan to do mixed content of course, but I sometimes get on a roll with ideas that sort of cascade off one another (past several weeks as an example)... I'll see if I can mix it up a little this week. Today is Ben Franklin's 300th birthday, so maybe I'll post something tonight...

    I've got about 10 posts planned out in the near future, but again, not much time to write them...