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    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2007
    We launched to customers on Wednesday of last week. Only 20% of customers are seeing the new site, but for the most part, they seem to like it! Which is awesome, since they've hated a couple of the things we did in preparation (though some customers seem to be more vocal about this stuff than others). Anyway, this probably means less 12-16 hour days going forward, so I'll probably be around more often. Yay.

    I don't mind working hard, but the worst thing about it isn't the long hours - it's that the rest of your life kinda goes on hold. So hopefully I'll be reacquainting myself with the notion of free time/fun.

    Let's see, what else? I finally broke down and bought an iPhone. Yeah, overpriced and locked down and Apple is just as evil as Microsoft, but still. It's the only phone on the market that isn't completely retarded. It's so easy, so fun to use. Last night, I went to the movies (Michael Clayton - actually not that bad; a little slow, but a great ending) and while I was sitting in the theater waiting for the show to start, I was just screwing around on the internet. When the previews started, I was almost pissed that I had to stop playing with my iPhone. So yeah, it's awesome.

    Remember before when I said my TV was broken? Yeah, it magically became unbroken like 3 days later. No idea what caused the issue, but it seems to be gone now. Hooray.

    Now that I've got some modicum of free time, I'll have to start exercising or something. I'm so out of shape. The Wii exercise regimen that I planned never really worked out (you have to have time and motivation to do that). But football season has started, and so has our backyard league. Man, do I ever get exhausted and sore after playing though. Again, I'm out of shape. I need to get cletes this year. Everyone else has them, and I get my arse wooped when they cut and I slide.

    Anywho, that's all for now. Hope everyone else is doing well too:)

    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2007 edited
    I'm leaving my job just in time. Things are getting kind of complicated and tense. The company just acquired another company, and the process of reorganizing employees has not gone so smooth due to a severe lack of communication. It's pretty obvious to me that upper management only has their eyes on the $ and haven't spared a thought for the people this is actually affecting. Just one moment of consideration is all I'm asking for here.

    Oh well, not my problem. At least not for long. I'll have a whole new set of problems though, like studying.

    You know, the iPhone is sounding pretty good to me these days, but there's no way I could have one. My husband and I are on a family plan with his parents, so we only have to pay $30 total a month for our phone use. If I got an iPhone, I'd have to switch to Cingular, but we all just switched to a local company that donates 1% of our charges to charity. So I guess we're sticking with this for a while.

    I don't like some things about my phone (Sanyo Katana): the top part of the phone hurts my ear, the volume is always too low or too high, and I prefer the rings on my old phone to this one. The controls for the camera suuuuuuck. Not that I used the camera that much anyway, but the poor design bugs me on principle.

    This has been a weird, long week. I had a pulled muscle in my back for a few days. But then I reconnected with an old friend and had a great time. I also had a nice dinner with my sister. I've been reading four books, two of which are great (Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond and An Abundance of Katherines by John Green) while the other two are "Eh" (The Pesthouse by Jim Crace and The Echo Maker by Richard Powers). I've accomplished a lot at work, including training new hires and writing a procedure document, but there's been tension from the reorganization. The weather was cool and overcast then turned sunny and warm again.

    I have a website up. Crystal.Tabony.net We bought the domain name tabony.net several months ago, but we haven't used it aside from having more email addresses. I may be able to make more use of it once I get a portfolio started for the whole book/materials conservation thing. But who knows how long that will be? In the meantime I'm just going to use it to post pictures. My family seems to enjoy them.
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2007
    I, too, am alive!

    Hi, everyone! I keep like half-replying to posts on here and then have to do something, but now... NOW YOU SHALL EAT MY TEXTY GOODNESS! I apologise in advance for any typos. I was up until 4am last night playing my neighbour's Wii.

    My job's been busy. Like half my half of my state is on fire. There's smoke on the horizon in almost every direction, the whole city smells like smoke, the air's dry, and the temperature stays in the high-80s even at night. It's a tad surreal. Actually, not long ago the building I work in caught fire. Apparently all this gunk built up in the sewer beneath us and something caused it to catch fire, flames shot out the grates and caught part of the building, in front of the front door, which is just below the fire escape. Stupid design. So if we can't go out the front door because there's fire there, we can't really go down the fire escape. Instead we went down a ladder on the other side of the building we had to get to via the roof. Fire department's just down the street so no serious damage but they seemed quite satisfied to break the doors rather than use the key my boss kept telling the police they could use.

    Halloween is approaching, as those of you horror-movie-blogging obviously know. I've decided to go as Phil Ken Sebben from Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. This clip probably doesn't really help if you don't know the character but it makes me laugh too much not to link. You can at least grasp that I'll be doing a lot of in-character ha-HAs and wearing an eye patch. And a suit.

    To a rave.

    There's Halloween. Or the weekend before it. Whatever. I anticipate being one of three and a half sober people there.

    Em, what else? I have made recent musical purchases. I will sum them up for you:
    Underworld: Oblivion with Bells - good!
    PJ Harvey: White Chalk - good! (kinda weird - also I totally had a better seat at the concert than Trent Reznor-ha-HA)
    Josh Ritter: The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter - also good! BOOYAH.
    Ulrich Schnauss: Goodbye - not finished listening to, seems good but not overly special so far. Ambient electronic stuff.
    Amon Tobin: Bricolage - jazzy!

    I started reading the Sandman comics Neil Gaiman wrote. So far I am much liking yes also destroying proper sentence structure is me!

    Hockey's back!

    I'm done.
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2007
    Hi Spence!

    It does indeed sound like you're leaving at the right time. In my experience, lack of communication is a major problem when a company gets stressed. One of the difficult things about being a manager for me is that when I get really, really busy, I tend to not communicate as well because I'm so busy. I have to work hard at communication, and being a manager means I have to do a lot more communication... so bleh. It's rough.

    The iPhone is a total indulgence on my part. It's probably a little overkill for me, but I like having a good phone for once.

    Hi DyRE!

    You were playing with your neighbor's Wii? Hehehe, the joke never gets old.

    It looks like your state caught a bit of a break when the wind changed direction. It still looks devestating, and obviously it isn't over yet, but it doesn't seem to have made it to a major city yet... We're actually doing a bunch of stuff for this at work. For one thing, we can't ship to flame engulfed areas, and I think we're going to put up a link to Red Cross or something tomorrow morning. We'll see:)

    Phil Ken Sebben is an awesome idea for a costume. You know who else I love from that show? Birdgirl. If I saw someone dressed as Birdgirl, that would be strangely hot. Maybe.

    Amon Tobin is good. I like Supermodified a lot. I haven't listened to Bricolage recently...

    I've always wanted to try Gaiman's Sandman. I like his novels... Though I've only read a couple.

    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2007 edited
    I was playing with her Wii. All night LONG!

    HA-HA! Halloween.

    At work, I won a gift certificate for my costume that covered the cost of cutting and bleaching my hair. One of my co-workers went as Snoop Dogg. He's white. He wore a bath robe and a hair net. He said he was watching something and Snoop was on it in such clothing. He had no idea why. It was great. I think I'm getting used to the creepy little moustache, which means it's definitely time to get rid of it. It's weird to not have a beard anymore. I had it for almost two years. I was hoping my chin had turned into another fist, like what's under Chuck Norris' beard. I didn't really do anything special for Halloween (I do go to a rave, as I mentioned, the weekend before, which was fun and surprisingly not uncomfortable in a suit). I actually had to stay late at work but part of that involved hitting a nerf mini-basketball around with a baseball bat and figuring out the aerodynamic properties of the nerf ball so it's quite alright.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    Her Wii? Will wonders never cease.

    That costume is brilliant. I wasn't expecting the blond hair. That's dedication there.

    But yeah, gotta lose the mustache. Mustaches are creepy.

    Hey you know what? There's a spider in my TV. It's a DLP projection TV, so I guess the little bastard snuck in and set up camp. Every now and again, he walks around on the screen. It's really annoying. I can't imagine anything he's doing in there being good for the TV. How should I get this little fucker out? I have no idea. Sorry, just rambling now. I should go to bed. Or something.

    Yeah, on second thought ,let's do that something thing. That sounds like fun.

    Something, here I come!

    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007 edited
    I've had a beard for about two years now...I shaved it down to a goatee and sideburns last night. It felt like time for a change.

    DyRE...I love the costume, especially since Harvey Birdman is(was...weeps uncontrollably) one of the best shows out there...but the mustache is creepy nonetheless.

    I also like Amon Tobin...I have most of his stuff...but his latest, Foley Room is more or less blah.

    Spence...I'm excited to hear you've quit your job and are headed back to school. I'm hoping to do the same ,but I don't think I can get out of where I am for almost another year.

    The Wii is awesome, but I'm holding out until the price drops...then I'm buying one, and the new Zelda game. I can't wait to get lost in some brand new Zelda geekiness...but I can wait for the price of the system to drop some.

    This post probably reads like I'm really over-caffeinated, but I'm actually really tired...bed is hopefully soon.

    tallman, you should name the spider George, and make him your pet. I don't know how to get him out of the TV, though.
    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    I gotta tell you, foucault, my personal opinion is that Twilight Princess is better on the GC. The Wii verison isn't bad by any stretch, but the combat isn't as enjoyable, and Link is right handed on it (he's supposed to be a lefty). Still, yeah, awesome game. The twilight mechanic is pretty interesting. It's hard to go wrong with it- and I'm not even much of a Zelda fan.
    • CommentTimeNov 2nd 2007
    "But yeah, gotta lose the mustache. Mustaches are creepy."

    Mustaches by themselves are a bit creepy, but I think they look okay when combined with other facial hair. My husband has a mustache in addition to a jawline beard, and I think he would look really odd without the mustache. On the other hand, the sharp ends of his mustache hairs can be painful to me when we kiss. He likes stroking his beard, usually his chin hair, but he'll pull at his mustache if he wants to look especially evil.

    tallman, put another spider in the TV and let them duke it out. Or make spider babies. It may not get rid of your spider problem, but TVs are for entertainment, right?

    I'm left-handed. I haven't played any game on the Wii yet, but when I think about using the main controller in my right hand, even when using it to control a sword, I don't think that would feel weird. However, I can not use a bat right-handed; that actually unsettles me to the core. Same with a golf club.

    I do lots of things with my right hand, and some of them came naturally (no one forced me to use my right hand), but for other things I could have learned to use my right or left. For instance, when I picked out my first pair of safety scissors at age 4, I got the left-handed ones. I already knew I was left-handed because that's how I held pencils and crayons. But using scissors in my left hand felt sooo weird. I'm a right-handed scissor-user.

    When my friend taught me to crochet, she tried to teach me from the left-handed perspective, but she was having a hard time switching things around, so I learned it right-handed, with no problem. The few times I've picked up a guitar, I felt comfortable with it right AND left handed (but I don't know how to play really). I use my right hand to brush my teeth and pick up cups/glasses. Actually, I was kind of forced to use the mouse with my right hand as a kid because the computer teacher wouldn't let me move it to the other side of the keyboard, so I've been right-handed for that ever since.

    I carry purses and bags on my left side, I put on clothes with the left arm or leg first, and I throw with my left arm. I don't know what the hell I am. Nor why I went off on this tangent.
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2007
    I shaved off my creepy moustache the day after Halloween. I agree with Spence, I don't think they're creepy unless they're by themselves. Except something like this. That is just awesome.

    tallman, you should get another spider into your TV with George. Spence is right, TV is for entertainment, and what's more entertaining than two eight-legged creatures battling to the death or having a family? I think I'd like reality TV a lot better if everyone on it was a spider... or at least had eight legs.

    I always assume when people tell me they're right- or left-handed that it means that's the hand they use to write so they don't look like they have the mental capacity of a four-year-old.
    • CommentTimeNov 4th 2007
    Well, when a moustache is accompanied by something else, it's not so much a mustache anymore, right? I mean, goatees are pretty cool, hell, I'll even buy a handlebar moustache as being not that creepy. The twirly moustache is definitely a crowd-pleaser as well. I guess some people can get away with it. Sam Elliot's got a good moustache. Or something.

    George seems to have gone missing. I haven't seen him for a couple of days. I hope he's ok.

    Doesn't the Wii let you decide which hand you want to use? I know Wii sports lets you choose, and the Wiimote isn't stacked to work one direction or the other... I haven't started Twilight Princess yet, but I did just borrow it from a friend (trading metroid, which I've given up on). I wonder if there's a setting for right or left handed...

    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007
    I have never liked Tom Selleck's mustache, but he looks weird without it too. I guess that lip hair too much a part of his identity now.

    I liked that Sunday felt soooo long due to the time change. But, I really hate that it's dark an hour earlier now. Makes me fee like I've been working late when the sun is going down.

    Totally unrelated, but...

    There's a job posting for a videogame archivist here in Austin! That sounds like a fun job, but I don't have the qualifications.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007
    I've grown so used to working late that I barely even noticed that it got dark earlier. That's sad.

    Videogame archivist sounds like a dream job. What exactly would that entail?
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2007
    "The archivist will develop the Center's videogame archive through transferring, accessioning, and preserving the collections, through collection development and donor relations, and through creating access tools for the collection."

    "Essential functions
    - Accessions, houses and preserves, arranges and describes collections within the CAH UT Videogame Archive.
    - Oversees acquisition and transfer of videogame archives collections to CAH.
    - Creates finding aids using EAD and the MARC format for OCLC.
    - Provides reference service to these collections and contributes to publicity and outreach (tours, exhibits, web sites, conferences and publications).
    - Works with donors to facilitate transfer and identifies and makes recommendations for potential collections.
    - Drive UT vehicle on/off campus to various collection sites.
    - Follows up with potential donors.
    - Works with Associate Director to develop a collection strategy for the archives.
    - Develops digital preservation policy for this collection. - Investigates and makes recommendations regarding access issues.
    - Facilitate student projects, give presentations on the archive as needed to various audiences, and field requests for interviews and articles.

    Required qualifications
    - ALA-accredited MIS or MLIS with a specialization in archival enterprise and specific coursework to include appraisal of electronic records.
    - Demonstrated experience with technology in an archival setting.
    - One year demonstrated experience arranging and describing archival materials.
    - Experience performing original descriptive cataloging using MARC and SGML-EAD.
    - Demonstrated ability to work in a collegial and collaborative manner; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to meet challenging situations with flexibility and tact.
    - Experience using a Macintosh or personal computer. Experience providing reference assistance.
    - Experience with OCLC.
    - Must be able to lift 50 pound boxes of library materials."

    This posting mentions the Center for American History UT Videogame Archive, which I had no idea existed, but is so awesome.