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    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2007
    So I'm sitting at my desk today and I get a phone call:

    Me: Hello, this is Mark.
    Someone I don't recognize (Sidr): Hello? Who is this?
    Me: This is Mark
    Sidr: Is this [name of company I work for]?
    * A Dog barks in the background *
    Me: Uh, yes, I work for [company]
    Sidr: Good, I had returned a bunch of products and I should have gotten X amount of money back and I'm very upset (ed note: I'm paraphrasing here, I was too baffled by this to remember the specifics)
    Me: Uh, well, I'm sorry but that's not my department, let me see if I can transfer you to customer service.
    Me (to cubicle neighbor): Dude, how do I transfer a call and what's CS's number?
    Neighbor: I don't know.
    Me (to customer): Yeah, please hold on a sec while I try to figure out how to transfer your call.

    Eventually, I was able to find a CS number that worked, but jeeze, how did this woman get my extension? Strange, but mildly amusing too. On very rare occasions, I'll get put on a conference call with CS and a customer, but those are rare occassions and only when I'm in a position to help explain something (in this case, I would have no idea how to go about doing what the customer wants). Bleh.

    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2007
    Perhaps she just mashed in a random extension and it was yours. I received a wrong number call today that went...

    me: Hello?
    not me: Hello.
    me: Hello?
    not me: Hello.
    me: ...Hi.
    not me: Oh... I'm sorry [blah blah blah...]

    I'm wondering if I'd just kept saying 'hello?' how long it would have gone on. She sounded completely content to keep hello-ing back with no purpose but the moment I shook things up and switched to 'hi,' THIS INTERVIEW IS OVER. Some people are very traditional.
    • CommentAuthorSovawanea
    • CommentTimeMar 30th 2007
    I get more calls for other extensions than most people in my unit. I have a not so common last name, but there is another woman with my last name in the building. (as far as we can tell, we are the only two SSA employees in the country with the last name and we just happen to be in the same city). Since my first name comes before her in the alphabet, the support staff often just switch them to me by looking at the directory instead of getting their SS number and seeing who is really assigned the claim. I also get calls for the woman who used to have my extension. She no longer works for the company. I still get calls from her dentist!