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    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2007
    So on Friday, I'm at work, and I'm uh, working on stuff, and I get a phone call. It's my friend Dave. He says that the Walmart in Exton has 3 Nintendo Wii machines left. He just bought one for one of my other friends, who has been on a mission to get a Wii for a while now (i.e. getting up early and waiting in line, only to be denied, etc... I was going to accompany him this weekend in the hopes of getting a Wii for myself). So I finish up my work, which takes me longer than exected (what else is new), then high tail it over to Exton. I ask the clerk if they have any Wiis left. He says they sold the last one ten minutes ago. Fuck! Supid responsibilities.

    In any case, I ended up playing the Wii with my friends for most of the weekend. It's fun, and I love it. However, I've come to the conclusion that, for Wii Sports at least, it's only really fun when you are playing with a bunch of your friends. Otherwise, it gets kinda boring. Of course, I haven't played any of the other games (I'd love to get my hands on the new Zelda game), but at this point, two of my friends have one and I'm not sure I need to get one myself. Especially since I got this shiny new computer:P

    I also saw Idiocracy this weekend. Kinda funny, but it's no Office Space. The best line is the title of this post, and it's delivered in a dead pan fashion by an army officer. Hilarious. There are other funny moments and some cool quotes, but it's not the funniest thing ever...

    My boss is out of the office this week, so I'm going to be pretty darn busy. Crap.

    I'm looking to buy a new TV. I'll probably end up getting something pretty big too. But I'm not sure what I'm going to get. I'm leaning towards a DLP tv, probably a Samsung or Toshiba around the range of 50"-56" They seem to be the biggest bang for the buck. The only major issue I can see is that the bulb burns out, sometimes pretty quickly. Then again, my friend has had a DLP for 3 years and hasn't had any issues. I guess it's a toss up. I like Plasma TVs as well, but they're way too expensive. I'm also probably going to get a 720p set. I was originally looking for a 1080p set, but then I realized that no one broadcasts in 1080p and the quality appears to be pretty similar. And 720p is significantly cheaper. Bah, whatever.

    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2007
    I bowl exactly the same way in Wii Sports bowling that I do with a real bowling ball. I tend to veer to the right and everything. It's fun but I've never tried it by myself. I could see it not being that fun alone. Also, I've never been golfing (like old-men-in-checkered-pants-and-matching-hats golf, not mini-golf) but I would expect it's about as boring as Wii Sports golf.

    I knew nothing of this Idiocracy but have now looked it up on IMDb. So is kinda funny then, yeah? See, the Internet allows me to have a general idea about everything. When people are like "what are you talking about?" THEY'RE LAZY! I love it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2007
    Idiocracy was, for some reason, totally ignored by the studios. It was only released in like 5 markets and had no publicity. It's by Mike Judge (Office Space guy) and the beginning is really quite funny, but after the first half hour or so, it starts to lose steam and eventually peters out. Still, it's a fun movie that's probably worth the watch. Plus, I love the "pimp" line. The pimp's name, by the way, is spelled u-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d. Hehehe. Funny stuff.