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    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2007
    I surprised myself by more or less impulse buying a new phone...my contract was up, and I got a new phone for free, so I figured what the hell, why not?

    I ended up with the KRAZR, which Kris just got not too long ago, and I decided I liked. This is my first venture into the world of camera phones. I know they've been around for probably about 5 years now, but I resisted them for a long time...I was pretty adamant that they're the sort of extraneous frippery (is that even a word?) that I didn't need...but they're pretty ubiquitous at this point. The only models that don't have them are the bottom of the line, cheap phones, and since it doesn't cost extra on a phone that has a bunch of other features I wnated, it's a no-loss proposition. Plus, yes...they are actually kind of fun, and handy to have for low quality, spur-of-the-moment pictures.

    The phone also has Bluetooth, which is pretty cool, though not all that necessary as of yet, aside from the cool wireless headset I got for it. My old phone had a crappy headset that I thoroughly disliked, so I actually paid a little bit of omney for a nice one. Connecticut has a "no cell phone while driving" law, and I like to talk on the phone while I'm driving, so I need some kind of headset.

    Speaking of cameras, my folks gave me a digital camera for Xmas, which I'm pretty excited about. My mom always tells me that she can never think of anything to get me, but the camera was perfect. I've wanted to get one for a while, again after some initial resistance, but hadn't really thought about it lately, so it was a pleasant surpise. I haven't really taken any pictures with it as of yet, but I am excited at the prospect. I really like photography, even though I'm not terribly skilled at it.

    There's a new Hannibal book and movie out, "Hannibal Rising." I've read the book, and wasn't all that impressed, though the movie might be okay. I also re-read the rest of the series, in anticipation, and was a little disappointed, at least by "Hannibal"...it didn't hold up to another reading as well as I'd hoped. "Red Dragon" and "Silence of the Lambs" were still pretty good, but "Hannibal" felt forced. The new one felt much the same...like Thomas Harris pumped out a weak book, just to make another movie. Oh well, I'll still go see the movie anyway. I love going to the movies, and I haven't been in months. There's another movie out I want to see, "The Messengers," which looks like a fairly fun, possibly cheesy horror flick...and again, it's been way to long since I've sene a good fun, possibly cheesy horror flick.

    It's also rediculously cold out up here in New England...6 degrees when I went by the bank thermometer. I think 6 degrees might even be cold by Sam's up-by-Canada standards, and it's all sorts of bitterly cold down here. The funny thing is, as much as I dislike snow and winter, I sort of like deathly cold days like that here or there.

    This ended up being a much longer post than I expected...that's cool, though, I haven't been posting much lately, so I had a lot to talk about.
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2007
    I could use a new phone. Mine occasionally shuts off for seemingly no reason once in a while or will return to the main screen when I'm in the middle of doing something in a menu somewhere now and then. And the antenna broke off. And by broke off I mean I broke it in one of my many, uh, mishandlings of it. Actually, no, I broke the antenna just fidgeting with it in my pocket too much. It's the other scrapes and nicks it has that have come from things like it being in my hand when something frustrates me and then, somehow, it ends up on the other side of the room. I don't know how, I swear. I'd get a nice new one but I'll probably just treat it the same way so I'll just keep this one until it totally dies (and it's actually been doing pretty well, all things considered). Razrs (or however it's spelt) are pretty nice-looking though.

    Take pictures! Taking pictures improves your picture-taking abilities. And with digital, you don't have to worry about development costs if you feel like trying different things and end up with 40 shots of crap.

    Heh, I saw a poster for "Hannibal Rising" and was like "no way! it has to be a different Hannibal!" but no, apparently not. *sigh* If all goes as planned, I'll be seeing Children of Men tomorrow night. I saw Pan's Labyrinth not too long ago. I really liked it. A lot of great visuals and little details that really make it fantastic.