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    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2007
    Ahhh, glorious work. I love my job, but at times like this it's hard to do so. At least I got to go home for 4-5 hours first, but they need someone on-site for midnight. Fun. So here I am, double checking the midnight migration. Everything should go fine, but you never know.

    Funny work-related tech note of the week: Lots of people compain that windows isn't stable and crashes all the time. Yet I've been logged on to my work computer since November 17, 2006. About a month and a half. I finally had to restart this past week, but that was only because of several scheduled software/os upgrades & patches. Incidentially, one of those patches was for the whole new Daylight Savings Time schedule. When I came in the next morning, it said it was 12:55 am. I went into my calendar, and all my appointments were similarly screwed. Changing the time did not fix anything. Eventually I realized that I had to change my time zone and not just the time. Evidently, the workstation support crew must have thought I was on Brisbane time (GMT +10).

    Hrm, what started this. Oh yeah, windows stability. So like I was saying, I was logged into Windows for 1.5 or so months with nary a problem. I probably could have stayed on much longer than that, too. My computer at home has been logged in without needing to restart almost since I got it (after I installed everything I needed). However, my linux box has had to restart several times. I get these graphics based crashes where the screen gets all jumbled. I tried to take a screenshot of it, but it came out looking fine (i.e. the software that takes screenshots was seeing the correct thing, but my monitor apparently wasn't). Plus, I have to restart linux when certain patches are applied too. Yeah, in the past, Windows would crash often. But the latest versions of XP have been damned stable for me. And it's not like I'm doing lightweight tasks either. I typically have somewhere on the order of 5-15 applications open at once, some of which are resource hogs like Lotus Notes or Photoshop. That's not even counting the 10-15 tabs I have open in various browsers.

    Oh well. It's getting close to midnight now, and I shall have to take my leave. Duty calls. Hope everyone's doing ok, have a good night...

    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2007
    How often do you have to work late at night?

    My Windows XP computer at home (what I'm using now) never crashes. Even when I bought a new computer early last year and had to reinstall Windows XP along with all the drivers, I didn't have any problems.

    We don't even get many crashes at work with Windows XP. That's amazing considering all of the different applications we're running, and many of our programs are for geographic data, so it's all graphics-heavy.

    Now, I absolutely hate IE and have problems with that specific application at work at least once a week. But I learned today that in my new department I'm allowed to download and install Firefox (user rights are extremely restricted in my old department).