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    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2006
    My employer does not give out holiday bonuses, but every year, they give the whole company (in all our various offices throughout the country) a free catered lunch. We call it "Eat your bonus day."

    So I saw this bad movie tonight called Grandma's Boy. It was an Adam Sandler production, though it apparently wasn't even good enough for him to make an appearance in the film. This should give you an idea of how great the movie is. It actually wasn't that bad. I have a soft spot for really bad stoner comedies like this, and it was set at a video game company, so that made it a little more fun. It made me laugh a few times, which is about all you can ask for these days. Still, a bad movie.

    I should really be doing laundry and ironing my shirt for tomorrow, but I simply don't feel like it. I've got enough clean clothes to last me through the weekend, I think (I hope).

    Christmas shopping is nearly complete. I need to get some additional stuff for my mom and my uncle, and I haven't figured out what else I'm going to get them (I've got them some small stuff, so I just need some additional small stuff). I know what I'm getting my dad, but I haven't gotten it yet. My brother's is on order, along with a couple of other things. Stupid internet better get my stuff here on time:P I hate wrapping a picture of something and saying "Uh, yeah, it's on it's way." Otherwise, I'm in good shape.

    My new computer should be shipping soon. I can't wait to be using a legitimate computer again. My new monitor has already arrived...

    Let's see, what else is going on. General holiday business I guess. How's everyone else doing these days? I've been woefully neglectful of these here forums lately. Sorry bout that. Anywho, hope you're all well.

    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2006
    Hello all.

    I've been around, but I haven't been taking the time to respond to any posts. I don't actually have a very busy life, but there always seems to be something I've got to do. It's weird.

    You don't get a holiday bonus, but do you get a bonus once a year along with a merit raise, tallman? That's how my husband's company does it.

    My current job is all about production - how many certifications can I do in one hour/day/week/month? So I can get a $25-$100 bonus every month depending on how good my production numbers are, and then we can also get a bonus along with a merit raise at the end of the year. We actually have two performance reviews a year, and one can get a pay raise for the mid-year review, but usually only if your performance was consistently in the exceeds ranking. But of course I don't make as much money as you engineers, no matter how many raises and bonuses I get.

    Anyway, I have a new job. I'm with the same company, but in a different position. I start January 8th as a GIS Technician. It's a better job with slightly higher pay. I will no longer have production quotas, strict time frames, or be forced to listen to music. My new job will have longer project deadlines and be mostly independent work. Four other people were hired for the same position as me, so I won't be alone in the learning process.

    I completed 99% of my Christmas shopping in one day. I had to order some stuff online because the stores didn't have them in stock. And I only went a little over the budget I set for myself.
    We often get pieces of paper with pictures of our gifts from Charles' parents saying "Will arrive soon!" That's because they wait until the last minute to shop. But I don't mind because we keep getting gifts for the next week or two!

    Charles' family is doing Christmas at his mom's house in Austin this year. I'm so happy. We've gone to his grandma's house in Houston the past two years at least. I hate it there. Boring, nowhere to sit, and cold because the heating sucks.
    Although, the temperatures this past week have been in the upper 70s. The trees have finally changed color. I don't miss the cold temperatures, but then it doesn't feel much like December or Christmas.
    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2006
    Nope, no bonus, period. I'm paid reasonably well though, so I'm not really complaining:P

    Congrats on the new job. I remember you talking about the music choices and how annoying it was (and I can't blame you), so it's nice to see you moving away from that. I had a similar situation where I was moved out of kinda daily production type work, and started working on longer, open-ended type projects...

    How cold does it get in Austin (that is where you are, right)? Aside from one truly wicked cold snap about two weeks ago, it's been pretty mild. Today it went up to around 60, which is somewhat uncharacteristic. I like this weather though... Mostly in the 40-55 range - cold, but not too cold.

    • CommentTimeDec 17th 2006
    For the last half of November, the temps were quite low. 30s in the mornings and 40-50s in the afternoons.

    Central Texas usually experiences a few freezes in the winter but usually not until January. Having overnight freezing temperatures in November was pretty special. It was due to that huge Canadian cold front. We were in the upper 80s one week and low 30s the next, so a lot of us Texans weren't prepared. Mentally I mean. Many trees hadn't even changed color yet.

    This past week, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and perfect. Sunshine and 70s. We'll be getting a little rain soon. We're still in a drought really. I don't know if most Americans are aware of the humongous water problem in this country, especially in the southwest-west. I'm not sure most Texans are aware of it.

    Anyway, to really answer your question, we rarely experience temps below 20 degrees F around here.

    But apparently the old saying, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes" is quite true. One of my co-workers was born and raised in Pennsylvania. She says she still can't get used to Texas weather because it changes drastically and quickly. I don't notice.
    When we were in San Francisco, I kept expecting it to warm up in the afternoon, but it never really did. Even with the sun shining! Now that's weird.
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2006
    Congrats on the new job, Spence. When I read that sentence, my immediate thought was that I hope you won't have to listen to crappy music anymore.

    My Christmas shopping remains alarmingly incomplete. I have bought only one gift and shall now scramble to get the rest, although I just found out a significant portion of my friends will be exchanging gifts on New Years, rather than Christmas, at a party at one's home, so that gives me more time to shop for them.

    The weather's been rather cold here. I think I posted here (on the old forum, of course) a few years ago about when I ended up scraping ice off my windshield with a CD. Well, I ended up doing that again last night. I went to leave a friend's place ~3:00am only to find my windshield covered in ice my wipers had no hope of doing anything to, so I asked them if they had anything I could scrape ice off glass with, they couldn't think of anything, so I asked if they had any CDs they didn't care about and did it again.

    Oh yeah.
    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeDec 18th 2006
    "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait 5 minutes"

    Heh. We say the same thing in Michigan, for what it's worth.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2006
    Yeah, I've heard that about lots of states. The US is pretty temperate overall, so that's not surprising.

    There is actually a 20% chance of snow for Central Texas during Christmas. It did snow in Houston last year, which is almost like Hell freezing over.