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    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2006
    The funny thing about fantasy sports is that it totally distorts the importance of events in games. Take, for instance, last night. We're nearing playoff time in fantasy football. My roommate and I are dominating the league, and have clinched playoff spots. There is one other team with a winning record who just clinched last week. And there were 2 teams in contention for the final playoff spot.

    It's a head-to-head league, and I was playing one of the 2 teams. Due to some bad performances by key members of my team (*cough, cough, Tom Brady, cough*), I was down by 5 points by the end of the Sunday games. He had no players remaining, but I had 1 person playing in the Monday night football game. There's just one problem: he's a kicker - not a position known for it's high scoring. A kicker gets 1 point for every extra point they kick, and field goals can be 3-6 points (depending on how far the kick goes).

    So basically, what you had last night was 4 or 5 people throughout the northeast intensely following and rooting for or against... a kicker.

    Me: They're in field goal range! Call in Wilkins!
    Roommate: Dude, it's second down.


    As it turns out, he kicked 3 extra points, leaving me 2 points shy of tying and 3 shy of winning. Crap. This was only my second loss of the year, but I have to admit that I deserved this loss. My team played terribly. Oddly enough, my roommate also lost his second game of the year. This is because we were bragging that our house was "dominant" on the league site (this was basically in response to someone else who was trash talking my team the previous week - and I kicked his arse). God hates braggarts, I guess:P