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    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2006
    I've got a cold. The onset of this cold occurred during my nice long 4 day weekend, as colds often seem to do for me. It's almost like my body realizes that I don't have a lot of responsibilities, so it just gives up trying to fight off various biological attackers. Of course, I'm in full, congested coughy stuffy nose mode now, which is annoying. I just took some nyquill, but it apparently hasn't kicked in just yet, so here I am. If I lay down before I'm drowsy, I'll just end up tossing & turning and getting really annoyed at my cloggy nose. Grrr.

    So I finished off my review of Grave of the Fireflies, and I started another blog entry that I'll probably post tomorrow. I also know what I'm going to write about for Sunday's entry (the Aliens board game, which I played with my brother's wife's family on Thanksgiving - we used to play this game a lot when we were younger, so it was pretty cool).

    I've seen so many movies lately (that's all I did this past weekend, as I was trying to rest in an attempt to stave off the viral onslaught). A quick rundown:

    Slither - Pretty much what you'd expect. Not as good as the holy grail of these type of movies, Tremors, but still a pretty good flick and well worth the watch.

    Red Eye - Lots of people seem to be pretty down on this film, but I thought it was enjoyable enough. It doesn't hold up upon further thought (it's what Hitchcock called a "Refridgerator" movie), but it was fun enough while watching it. I wasn't expecting much and it satisfied.

    Downtown Torpedoes - Average Hong Kong action flick about a team of industrial esponage agents forced into working for the Hong Kong government. It's got a few pretty good sequences, but nothing terribly special. Enjoyable enough.

    A History of Violence - This was a great movie. I was expecting much less from this film for some reason, but it delivered pretty well. There's probably a lot more that could be said about this, but I thought it was very enjoyable, well made, and thoughtful. I'm not a huge Cronenberg fan, and I was expecting this movie to be much more boring and preachy, but it wasn't.

    Hustle & Flow - Another surprise, though it was more or less what I expected (if that makes any sense). The thing that makes this movie work is that the music they create, and the creative process they depict in the movie nails it. And I hate that kind of music. But they do a good job of it, and they don't fall into a lot of the cliches you'd expect. An excellent film, though not really my bag.

    My Neighbor Totoro - An awesome children's movie. I'm thinking about buying a Miyazaki film for my niece (who is 4), though I'm not sure if she's old enough to really appreciate it... Totoro would probably work, as it's pretty simplistic and not as scary as, say, Spirited Away (even though all the things that seem scary in that film really aren't).

    And we already talked about the Bond movie...

    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2006 edited
    I think I expressed my disappointment with Red Eye in your weblog somewhere. I'll not do it again. (Ehm, or did I just?)

    I've seen A History of Violence. A lot of people seem to have your opinion of it but I didn't come away from it with much. I don't think it's at all bad but it felt to me like it was supposed to be delivering more meaning than it actually was, which I think is what I usually think of Cronenberg's films.

    I haven't seen any of the others. I'd like to see Slither for, heh, what I'm sure it is. Hustle & Flow sounds interesting and I've heard good things, not just from you, about My Neighbor Totoro.

    I watched a Korean film called H the other day. Not bad but I didn't think it was particularly stellar either. A kinda Silence of the Lambs meets copycat killer type thing with a twist at the end that felt a little weak but I was pretty sure was coming after a while. Is there some Korean preoccupation with hypnosis in film? (OK, I'm asking this based only on one other movie. That's probably not fair.)

    I was looking over the IMDB Bottom 100 the other day. I've seen a few things on there but the fact that I don't remember much of the ones I've seen, just that I didn't like them, probably speaks well of why they're in the bottom 100. Movies that are gloriously bad get a little better for being so, I think.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2006
    Does it count if you've seen one of the IMDB Bottom 100 on MST3K? Manos, the Hands of Fate is quite possible the worst movie ever made... but it was mildly bearable because of the MST3King of it... I've seen a couple of other ones, and like you, I don't remember much about them. Except Teen Wolf Too. That was awesome.

    Or not.

    Like I said, I expected A History of Violence to be preachy and all higher-than-though about violence, but I found it very well done and entertaining too, which was a surprise.

    My Neighbor Totoro is a very simple film. Not a whole lot happens. But it is quite fun and kinda nice to watch a movie that's not that sad:P

    Did you ever see the Fountain?

    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2006
    Haha, I suppose it counts. You do still end up seeing the movie, even if it's being made fun of by others on the television too. There's this movie called Pumaman (or Puma Man - maybe there was a space, but puma, as in mountain lion) I saw on MST3K about this superhero type guy. Pumaman can fly but whenever they have him flying, his legs just kinda hang there, like the actor's not putting any effort into looking like he's flying more than holding his arms out while being suspended by a wire somewhere on his upper body. It was fantastic. "Your hands are claws!"

    I've not seen the Fountain yet. Hopefully this weekend if there's time.
    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2006
    DyRE might not say it, but I will: Red Eye sucked. I just couldn't get into it. At all. Boo.

    History of Violence was pretty good, but not really what I expected. I think it was Luke that was really talking it up on 4K. Someone was raving about it, and so I had really high expectations. It was good, but not quite what I expected, that's all.
    And, honestly, I was kinda more interested in the idea that, maybe he was the wrong guy. What a neat movie that could have been, right?
    Anyway, I felt like they didn't dig enough into what it would be like to find out that someone you've known and lived with for so long had a completely different life before meeting you. I mean, can you imagine waking up one day, only to find out that your father used to kill people? I don't know. As you can see, I've got mixed feelings on it. It was good, though. Definitely good.