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    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2006
    Ok, so in looking at Cyberpowerpc.com, I have a few questions regarding what I should get. I'm researching it now, but I figured I'd ask to see if any of you guys had an opinion:

    Graphics Card/Physics Accellerator/TV Tuner
    Right now I've got "NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS 512MB PCI Express x16 Video Card" However, they just came out with cards that can support DirectX 10 - but they're absurdly expensive. There are also options for adding a second card (which I'm guessing is a big help) or adding a Physics Accellerator (which I'd never heard of, but which are pretty expensive. It actually seems like that would be a big hassle if games/programs didn't recognize it or something, but I'm pretty out of the loop on this stuff) I don't know if any of the upgrades are worth it though... I mean, even Directx10 will probably be supported on older hardware eventually right?

    Hard Drive(s)
    320 GB seems like a good start, but I'm really not used to these huge hard drives. Is it better to get multiple hard drives, or one really huge hard drive? They also seem to go a little overboard in that they have a whole section for an extra "Data" hard drive... which I guess means they'll install the OS on one and just format the other...

    Operating System
    Windows XP SP2 or Windows XP Media Center? I'm leaning towards Media Center because it's relatively new and because it's cheaper:P Also, I assume better support for video/games.

    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2006 edited
    Hmm, I'm probably not much help on such things anymore but I'll try...

    I'm generally a bit out of the loop on such things these days but I was just reading about Physics Accellerators the other day and it seems like something you shouldn't bother with now for the reasons you already mention. Few programs recognise them at this point and they're pretty expensive. I think, eventually, they'll come to play a bigger role but I don't know that it's worth worrying about at this point. I'm reminded of when people were talking about 'math co-processors.'

    I'd assume any card that is going to continue to be supported by the company that makes it will have its drivers updated to support DirectX 10. The only time I ever had a graphics card that couldn't have its drivers updated to support newer versions of DirectX is when I had a 3dfx card and that company went out of business or was eaten by nVIDIA or whatever happened exactly.

    No idea whether multiple smaller drives or one large drive is better as far as performance goes. I guess several smaller drives has the advantage in data loss in that if one drive dies but your data isn't entirely on that single drive, you don't lose it all. I don't know jack about Windows XP Media Center either.

    Good luck! :)