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    • CommentTimeOct 14th 2006
    What the heck is going on here? I went to two movie theaters (so far) tonight, and both times, The Departed was sold out. I guess this thing has some legs... it's not even opening weekend! I just reserved tickets to a 10 pm showing, but jeeze, my expectations are running a little high at this point...

    In other news, I am indeed back. Last night, I went on the second annual dive bar crawl in my little town. Quite fun. Now I'm quite tired though. After all this travelling and all these weddings/social events, I'm exhausted.

    So fleh. Got Lady Vengeance in the mail yesterday. Score. Not really in the mood to watch it though. Maybe tomorrow.

    Uh yeah, so that's it. Boston was great. If you're ever in the Cambridge/MIT area and in the mood for pizza, I highly recommend Emma's Pizza. It doesn't look like anything special... just your run of the mill northeastern pizzaria type place, but it's got fantastic thin-crust pizza. Supposedly rated the best in the country by the New York Times. Or something. I won't presume to be the authority on pizza, but nevertheless, it was awesome (and I only had the standard pepperoni pizza... though they do have specialty type stuff, if that's your thing.) There's a place in Philly that is good too, but it's different - it's a thicker crust and they use fresh mozzerella with thick pepperoni slices. Pretty good stuff. Plus they have Orval ale. Expensive, but excellent belgian beer. Mmmm.

    Where was I? Oh, yeah, the conference was actually great. Most conferences I've been too are more generic businessy type things, and lots of vendors attend. If you don't know what that means, it means that people are basically hounding you all throughout the conference... and if they manage to scam a business card out of you, you get spammed and phone spammed constantly in the following months. Vendors are evil. And this conference didn't have any of that. Everyone attending was a usability/design professional, so it was a fantastic atmosphere and I actually learned a lot. Some stuff will most likely make its way to the blog... though I'm not sure when (given my rate of turning out posts I know I want to write, it should show up in a couple of months:P)

    What else? My toothpaste got confiscated! They recently lifted the outright ban on liquids and gels, but that's only for 3 oz containers. My little travel toothpaste was 4 oz. Fuckers. Next time I'm just going to peel the label off or something. If it has a lable. Does it have a label? Christ, I don't know, they confiscated it! Well I guess I'm not travelling again anytime soon, so that's ok.