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    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2006
    I've been in Australia. There is this really interesting beach-side civil insurrection problem in Sydney. Young Lebanese Muslim male second generation immigrants assualting, sometimes sexually, Aussie bikini babes on Cronulla beach because they are "sluts", immodestly atired (like topless, sometimes) and don't know their rightful place. Naturally the local surfer boys don't like this and respond a little roughishly. Expect major beach riots this Aussie summer. There were some last year, but both sides have had time to plan and arm. Its an interesting case study in cultural conflict and the pathology of male Islamic culture (or the pathology of Aussie beach culture, take your pick). It will be interesting to see how this develops.

    Anyway, after returning to Auckland I decided to take this week off. And it decides to rain. I've been dipping into my Hong Kong Pang Brothers (Oxide and Danny) movie collection. Entertaining but rushed, rambling and sometimes incoherent would be how to describe them. I watched Bangkok Dangerous last night and the deaf mute hitman theme was good, but I could never figure out the role of the good-girl pharmacist. I hate the way they put a love interest in the middle of a half decent story which slows the film down and makes it a little boring. I know sex sells, but the Thai cuties stays fully clothed throughout, dispenses drugs competently and rushes despairingly at the police cordon in slow motion during the assassination-suicide ending. Silly.