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    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2006
    I think we're pretty much down to four of us, now. Me, tallman, DyRE, and gren. Where did everyone else go?

    Sometimes I wonder what makes people stop going to a given board/forum. For example, I've noticed that I'm less and less likely to log into 4K. I just... eh, I don't know. I just don't find it really engaging anymore. I find myself bored by certain members constant antics, and it makes me really just not want to bother. I'd much rather come on here, or on Fwoosh (another board I go to), where I know that people are going to be friendly.
    Mystere told me that she's not on 4K anymore. Which was weird to me, because she was all over those boards for a while. Oh well.

    So, what's going on with you three? Anything exciting this week?

    So far, in the last week I've:
    -seen a semi wedged under an over-pass.
    -attended a house warming and two birthday parties.
    -seen a car upside down on the expressway.
    -almost died because a van pulled through a stop sign and into my lane, and stopped, even though I was doing 50 (legally, no less!).
    -considered flirting with a girl.
    -daydreamed about what it would be like to win the lottery.
    -made delicious home-made pizza.
    -ate too much delicious home-made pizza.

    All in all, it's starting off to be a reasonable week. Plus, three day weekend coming up. I love three day weekends.
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2006
    I occassionally still see Spence in my logs, but she hasn't posted in a while. Where are you Spencer! I haven't seen foucault for a while either.

    It is strange, but I definitely see a pattern in my net dealings. 4k has been an off and on thing for me, and since about 2 years ago, I've definitely declined in posting there considerably. Occasionally, I'll get worked up about something and go on a tear, but that's becoming rarer and rarer. I think there's something of a honeymoon phase I have with sites. I find a site I like, I go there often, read it, post there (if it's a community), and generally spend a lot of time there. Then after a while, I'll find myself less interested and move on. Sometimes I'll come back, other times not. Everything2 was that way with me. I went there, I read a lot and voted a lot, and then I wrote about 50 entries... then I slowed down considerably. I don't think I've written anything there for 2 or 3 years. For the past few years, I've been focusing my efforts more on the blog than on debating or writing pieces.

    I actually wrote about this on the blog a while ago, when I noticed that I was spending less time on 4d/4k, in a post called Self Censorship. It's an interesting subject, to be sure. Why do we really lose interest in sites/communities? Perhaps it's a novelty thing.

    Interesting that you mention that Mystere doesn't go to 4k anymore. As you say, she was everywhere on those boards for a while. I took her absense to be more work/travel related, but that's a shame. I miss her, as she really did stir things up at 4k -- in a good way (unlike some of the other kerfluffles, which seem to be caused by the same two or three people and were instantly boring to me - I don't know why some of the HCers keep getting into the same arguments, but they do).

    Interestingly enough, I think the Kaedrin forum has only really ever had 4-7 participants at any one given time. Some would go away for a while, then come back, others would always stop by. Heck, even I participate less at times...

    My week has been relatively interesting:

    - Drove to Rhode Island for a wedding this past weekend. Interesting drive, as I basically took I95 up to Rhode Island, then took one or two smaller highways, then found myself in a massive maze of triangle intersections that apparently didn't have any road signs. Basically, I was told to follow the mileages on the directions, but even that was odd, as the directions literally read like this: Go 0.5 miles, turn right. Go another 0.5 miles, turn right. Go another 0.5 miles, turn right. Go another 0.5 miles, turn right. And yet, somehow, I didn't end up where I began (the roads were curvy).

    - Despite the driving shenanegans, the wedding was a lot of fun. It's always nice to get together with a large group of friends, though I think this is going to be a long month for me, as I still have several weddings to go to (including another one next weekend).

    - I made some wacky Tuna recipe I saw on the food channel. It turned out ok, though I don't think I cooked it well enough. Hey, the show is on again tonight at 7!

    - Holy crap, today is my Birthday! I forgot until I saw the date:P

    Ok, lunch time! Hope everyone else is doing well...

    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2006
    Sam, are you sure you don't live in Los Angeles? You seem to be having all these near-death asshole-drivers road experiences, which is a trademark charm of my fair city.

    I find my interest eventually wanes with a lot of community sites, although sometimes something will bring it back up for a while. My interest here is pretty consistent (although this isn't really a community site, just a site with a pretty small community on the board), probably owed to the fact that I can be sure everyone involved is pretty cool. My interest in Metafilter comes and goes, although I never really post/comment there much even when I am visiting the site a lot. My interest in 4k and e2 is pretty much dead.

    This week? Ah, let's see...

    - Went to a wedding. Lots of fun. A friend of mine was a bridesmaid and it was the first time I've seen her in a dress in person. A pink dress, no less. I shall endeavour to give her shit for it as long as I can, although she was quite striking. I kept drinking vodka martinis because the olives came on little plastic swords, which my friends and I proceeded to swashbuckle with. No one else at our table was drinking anything that came with swords so it was up to me to provide swords for everyone!

    - It's fire season! Nothing really close yet (so it's not raining ash) but a fire somewhere near-ish by turned the sky brown(er) and the sunset red tonight.

    - The expansion for Dungeon Siege 2 SUCKS. Let me tell you how much it sucks: It broke my computer, that's how much it sucks. Not physically, but I was playing with a fellow gamer, received an error, and after spending most of the night trying to rectify the resulting problem (the computer would lock up during boot up), finally reinstalled Windows. Yeah. Best part? The game itself, when it worked, pretty much sucked. No, wait, I'm sorry, the best part is that the game's publisher is Microsoft. Their own stupid game fucked up their own stupid operating system. STUPID STUPID STUPID. I know, I know. Get a Mac or install Linux...

    - Okay, the worst part about the whole computer thing is now I need to reinstall Photoshop and I don't actually have a copy here. I need to get it from a friend, which is fine, but I wanted to spend all night doing photo colour correction and other post-processing crap because I'm actually in the mood (I usually hate this part of the process) but she has this normal sleep schedule thing and probably wouldn't appreciate me sneaking into her apartment and taking her stuff. She's weird like that.

    - The other night, for dinner, I ate chocolate peanut butter things. Lots of them. Later, my stomach hurt. I don't recommend making those sorts of things a meal.

    - I watched Battle Royale, which had its moments. That part at the beginning where the teacher throws a knife into the one kid's forehead while screaming "stop whispering!" during the perky here's-how-you'll-kill-each-other video had me howling with laughter for entirely too long.

    - This documentary about Werner Herzog eating his shoe is a good way to kill 20 minutes.

    - After watching a documentary on The Police made by the drummer, PJ Harvey's live DVD, and a very arty-feeling tour documentary-ish Radiohead DVD called Meeting People Is Easy, I have decided I should make a documentary about my friends' band. This means I'll have to procure a video camera somehow. Yay no budget!
    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2006
    Interesting that you mention that Mystere doesn't go to 4k anymore. As you say, she was everywhere on those boards for a while. I took her absense to be more work/travel related, but that's a shame. I miss her, as she really did stir things up at 4k -- in a good way (unlike some of the other kerfluffles, which seem to be caused by the same two or three people and were instantly boring to me - I don't know why some of the HCers keep getting into the same arguments, but they do).

    That was essentially what she said, too. That is, that she left because of the same two or three people bringing down the quality of the content on the site.

    Some more events that took place this week:

    - The city I work in... well... it flooded.
    At the same time, but completely unrelated in any significant way, there was a 30 car pile-up on one of the expressways I take to go home. This meant that I could face a 30 car pile-up (and the ensuing slow-down, which I imagine to be rather significant), or flooded roads. I opted for flooded roads. It wasn't fun.

    - Strangely enough, the flooding appears to be completely gone. Yeah.

    - I may or may not have a date on Sunday. I'm definitely hanging out with a girl on Sunday. Whether we're actually going on a date or whether we're just hanging out as two mid-twenty-somethings-who-also-happen-to-be-single is completely unknown to me. I haven't got a clue as to the capacity we're hanging out in. I *think* that it might be a date. I mean, we're both single, and we hadn't seen each other in 9 years, and now we e-mail back and forth while we're at work about things like what we had for lunch, or her roomie problems, etc. Let me see here- I've gotten 3 e-mails from her today, and 3 yesterday. That's pretty standard at this point. That seems like a lot of e-mails for someone that, until a month and a half ago you hadn't spoken to... well... at all. At least, at all in the last decade.
    So. Maybe we're going on a date.
    Or maybe I'm completely wrong, and we're just catching up. *shrug*

    - I watched "Lucky Number Sleven" last night. Weird movie, but pretty good. It involved all kinds of weird things and had Bruce Willis as a hit-man for hire, and a fantastic use of colors and patterns. I say "see it."

    Well? What are you waiting for? See it!
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2006
    That was essentially what she said, too. That is, that she left because of the same two or three people bringing down the quality of the content on the site.

    Crikey, what a waste. Well, feel free to invite her here... It's basically a former 4k member's refuge, after all:P

    Traffic sucks. Shockingly, I did not run into much traffic last weekend. Considering that I drove 600 plus miles, including a stretch through New York, that's pretty cool. In fact, you know those electronic blinking signs they have on interstates? You know, the ones that say "Congestion ahead. You're screwed, next 10 miles." Well that thing didn't say anything. Nothing at all. I was shocked. The other side of the road looked like it was backed up for quite a while, due to some big accident. I do not envy them (or you, apparently:P)

    I haven't been on a date in a while. One of these days, I'll sign up for match.com or something and date up a storm (if I can manage it). I find it's getting harder and harder to meet interesting single women... (not that I was ever particularly good at it)

    I saw Lucky Number Sleven when it was in theaters. It was pretty good. A whole lot better than I thought it was going to be, though I think perhaps it tries to be a little too hip. Still, it was enjoyable enough and well worth a watch.

    Fire season sounds about as fun as hurricane season. This is why I like where I live. The worst thing I have to deal with is wedding season:P (Why do I suddenly feel like Jack Torrence at the beginning of the Shining? Perhaps because I just jinxed myself? Yeah, that's it.)

    Shockingly enough, I've not had to reinstall windows in several years (again with the jinxing...) I have been playing around with Ubuntu linux on a different computer. It's decent, though there are several things I find really annoying about linux. I'm contemplating the purchase of an apple laptop too, so that would put me at 3 computers, each with a different primary operating system. Something will have to go. Maybe I'll save a few hundred bucks and buy a PC laptop instead of an apple one.

    Battle Royale is currently at #11 in my netflix queue. A few things have popped in ahead of it, but they may be skipped due to availability issues (Battlestar Galactica 2.5 will probably be a popular one...) Up next is Team America: World Police (which I've managed to miss somehow), followed by My Neighbor Totoro. Lady Vengeance is near the top of the list, but it's not out yet... This reminds me, I need to finish Serial Experiments Lain.

    Ok, so my favorite podcast, Filmspotting, does these marathons where they watch old movies they managed to miss. Their current marathon is a documentary one, and they have lots of Errol Morris documentaries (as well they should), one of which is called Gates of Heaven. I haven't watched either that documentary or the Herzon shoe eating one, but according to IMDB:
    German film director Werner Herzog had made a bet with fledgling director (and current film student) Errol Morris that if Morris made a film about pet cemeteries, Herzog would eat his shoe. Morris went on to make this film, so Herzog kept his promise. The meal is documented in the film Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe (1980).
    Heh. So weird that you saw that documentary just around the same time I read about it. Maybe I should play along with the Filmspotting marathon.

    Or maybe I should get off my arse and start that Kaedrin film club where we all choose a movie and comment on it, in some sort of formal fashion. Maybe after wedding season:P

    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2006

    I do stop in to read the posts every once in a while, but lately I've been preoccupied with other things.

    - I will be promoted to Senior Map Analyst in a month or two. But the noise+music problem at work still exists. I had a small migraine all last week and the beginning of this week. It was either Monday or Tuesday that I seriously considered quitting right then and there because I didn't think I could remain sane any longer. But, even though I don't make a ton of money, the money I do make is essential to our budget.

    My primary state changed to Pennsylvania a month ago. I can now do the Yankee accent, especially when I'm talking to Pennsylvania assessors. This happens no matter which state I work. When I worked Michigan, I sounded like I was from Canada. When I was working Tennessee a lot, I went back to my hick roots.

    Here's what assessors, auditors, planners, etc. are like in these states:
    Michigan - very friendly and go out of their way to help you
    Tennessee - friendly but tend to be slow-witted
    Ohio - total rollercoaster; tend to be abrupt though
    Vermont - either ignorantly sweet or soooooo rude
    Pennsylvania - to-the-point but nice
    Arizona - very sharp, sometimes harried, but usually polite

    - Being promoted is nice, but I hope to move on from this job in the next year. I think I'd like to try for my Masters through the School of Information Science at UT. Information Science comprises many things, one being library science and archival/restoration.

    - Going to school is nice, but grad school costs a helluva lot of money. We're still in a lot of debt.

    - We're even more in debt now that we bought a second car. It's a 2003 Mazda Protege5. It's awesome. See pictures here.

    - We went on a 12-day vacation in August. Four days in Park City, Utah and eight days in Glacier National Park, Montana. We saw three black bears, but we only saw one of those really well. We bought a video camcorder just before our trip, so we got some good footage too. We went kayaking; it was my first time. Although I was extremely sore the next day, I loved it.
    You can see pictures of our trip.

    - Going on vacation and being free for two weeks made me realize just how much I hate a normal job.

    - I've been reading up a storm. Mostly young adult fiction. The thing is, "young adult" fiction isn't any less good, substatial, or meaningful than mainstream fiction. In fact, young adult books often have more depth to them.
    I really enjoyed Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements. It's about a teenager who wakes up invisible one morning. He still exists, and people can hear him and feel him if they touch him, but his physical properties have changed so that he's not visible to the naked eye. Anyway, the book is really about a kid growing up, but it actually had a cool (fake) scientific explanation for the invisibility.

    - My sister, who has two young daughters already, is pregnant again. She's due next May. I'm visiting her and the kids this weekend. Julianne is turning 4. She's super-smart. Erin is really smart too but more well-behaved than Julianne. Juli needs to be mentally stimulated and challenged all the time or she gets bored and therefore may act out.

    - I don't really have any friends, and I like it like that. I've become a very solitary person. Except with Charles. I'm perfectly happy having one best friend, who happens to be my husband, and three cats.

    - I found *the* perfect pair of jeans. I bought three pairs in different colors. They fit my waist and hips perfectly...at the same time. And, they're the right length for my height. Perhaps you guys can't fully comprehend the meaning of this. But it is important.

    - We are starting to sense the change of seasons around here. Texas has been in a bad drought. We become ecstatic at the smallest shower that only lasts 5 minutes. But the El Nino that's formed will probably lead to a mild winter for the US. I know northerners may like that, but we need water!

    - We finally saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. Hilarious. Awesome.

    - We have way too much art to hang. I hate hanging stuff. But I also hate having bare walls. Once we have these pieces hanged. I may consider us fully moved in. We still need one or two pieces for the living room.

    - Charles will get a raise soon. And probably a bonus. We have no idea how much. All of his coworkers and bosses love him, so I expect his raise to be fair at the least and very likely a generous increase.

    - My mother isn't doing so good. She's in severe pain again - due to bone spurs on her spine that press against nerves. She has some other health and mental issues. She's only 58 but looks older than Charles' grandmother. I'm hoping the MRI and CT scan she had today will reveal a solution, but I'm doubtful. I don't think anything can be done for her.

    - I no longer experience frequent back or leg pain. One of the reasons we bought a second car when we did is because sitting in the Honda hurt my back. I realized this when I drove a rented Hyundai Accent in Montana. That Hyundai was great. The seat backs in the Honda don't come up far enough to provide sufficient support. But the Mazda has better seats and a supportive back.

    - I haven't been logging in to the 4th K for a looooong time. I've logged in a couple of times in the past 6 months to find particular posts I wrote or read that contained information I needed, but otherwise I don't care. That site holds 0 interest for me now. Four should probably delete my account.
    I don't participate in any community sites anymore, except this one, but barely. I'd rather spend my time doing other things. I deleted my livejournal entries, but I still have an account so that I can read my sister's journal.

    I must get to bed now. I have to be up early. I'm glad to read that everyone else seems to be healthy and happy.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2006
    I'm around...sort of. Been busy doing a lot of nothing, it seems lately. Working at the same crappy job, which is really busy right now. Still looking around for an actual career type job...contemplating graduate school for a Masters.

    Other than that, everything has been fairly blah. It's weird...I haven't been doing much of anything, but it feels like I'm always busy. I can't quite explain it.

    I did have really good chili that my friend made yesterday. And I'm going to see Tool on Friday.
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2006
    You are now in the same boat as me.

    I guess I can't really say my job is crappy. I'm grateful for what I've got. But I sure ain't happy there.

    I've been thinking I should apply for the UT School of Information and get a masters in Library Science, or a related discipline. But first I should pay off some school loans I already have.
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2006
    Yeah, I feel the same way...I'm reluctant to start going to school again when I have so many loans to pay off. I think in the end, I'll do it, though...it's not like I have a good job to stop me; I still have the same crappy job I had all through school. I knew that a BS in Math wasn't going to be specialized enough to get into the kind of jobs I would actually enjoy, so it's my own fault, I guess.

    To be honest, though, it's more a question of motivation. School drained me so completely...my last two semesters, I had zero free time and a ton of stress, and it totally burned me out...I'm not sure I can summon the energy or the will to start doing that all over again.

    Library Science sounds pretty neat, actually. I know Library Science is not limited to working in a library, but the idea of working in a library has always appealed to me, since I generally really enjoy libraries. They tend to be quiet, filled with books...I really like it when they're in big, old buildings, too. The only thing that's missing is coffee...they should have free coffee in the corner or something.

    I would like to get into a research branch of applied math...something with biology would be neat. UConn has a Biostatistics MS program that I've been eyeing. We shall see, I guess.