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    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2006
    Okay, I'm a liar.

    So, Hien called me last night to chat. After a few minutes, she asked me what I thought of one of her friends, and basically asked me if I was interested in dating said friend.
    Oh. Awesome.

    How do you tell someone "Nope, I'm not interested in dating your friend, because I'm all kinds of interested in you?"

    I just can't think of how that could be said in such a way that it would let the friend down gently, while sweeping the inteded off of her feet.

    Ah, well.
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2006
    It's like the roommate switch from Seinfeld.

    "Well, Hien, I'm not sure how it's pronounced, but I believe it's..."

    and so on. I don't think it would work, though:P What did you end up saying?

    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2006
    What does it say about me that I have no idea what you're referencing there? =P

    Um. What did I say? Oh. I sort of hemmed and hawed for a moment, and then started with "Oh, Hien. I don't know...I'm really sorry, but..."

    I think that the next time I see Hien, I may attempt to explain more thoroughly. "Listen, Hien. One of the big reasons I can't date her is because I'm actually interested in someone else. Speaking of which, what do you say to dinner and a movie sometime?"

    Hmmm. Maybe not quite like that. =P