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    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2006
    So the other day, I walk up to get a drink of water, and there's actually a line. So while waiting in line, I start talking to a buddy of mine about Fantasy Baseball. It so happens that my league's trading deadline just passed, and on the last day, members of my league made 8 trades involving 35 players and 2 keeps. This is an absurd amount of trades, and so we were talking over some of them (including my blockbuster 7 player, 1 keep trade).

    By this time, we'd all gotten our water and were all talking.

    Around the water cooler.

    A few minutes later, I made the observation. "We're totally living a cliche."

    In 6 years of work, I've never had a water cooler conversation. Neither had the other three people. Score.

    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2006
    That's funny. Kinda reminds me of my intial and post-office job impressions of Office Space. I saw it before I ever held a job that had me in a cubicle all day and I liked it but my appreciation for it skyrocketed after I saw it again after having a job like that.