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    • CommentAuthorSamael
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2006
    So, I have a roomie. When I was still working at the bookstore, we got a place together, because we were both poor. He's a nice enough guy to hang out with, but not, as it turns out, particularly responsible.

    He's frequently paid our rent late, which I understand happens, but once he paid it so late that they sent a notice threatening to evict us if we didn't pay. Which was a shock to me, since I'd given him my half of the rent, oh, three weeks earlier. Nice.

    Anyway, I found out yesterday that his rent check from last month bounced. On top of this, he still hasn't paid me for last months utility bill ($40). Now, we just got our new bill, which means he owes me another fifty, and we have to send next month's rent in soon, to make sure it gets there by the 1st. He's pissy about the utilities, because, back in Jan or Feb he basically moved out and started staying at his parents place every night. I think he's stayed in the apartment twice in the last two months. Now, hey, if you, at 29, feel like living with your parents, that's fine. I'm not going to stop you. But, when we moved in, you agreed to half of the bills. I didn't bitch back in Dec when the utility bill hit $200 because he was running the heat so high, even though I was staying at my g/f's place every night. I ponied up the money like you're supposed to. So, I'm not really sympathetic to the argument that "Well, I'm not using any of the utilities, so why should I have to pay?" You have to pay because that was the deal. Damnit.

    Oh, and did I mention the time where he didn't pay our rent and left the country on vacation with his family? Yeah. That was fun. I had to come up with a month and a half worth of rent, plus all of our utilities, and the late fees. That was a shit-ton of money. He eventually paid me back, but it took a little while.

    Christ. I can't wait for next month. On the 15th, I'm moving into my own place. No more roomies. The increase in cost is going to bite, but I think it'll be worth it. Fuck, I'm paying all the bills now as it is anyway.

    Color me unhappy.
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2006
    I had a roommate like that in college. And he wasn't even that fun to hang out with. Such a dick. Always late with the rent or the bills. At least I was the one that handled everything, so it all got paid on time. Plus, I had another roommate that would help out when we got stiffed...

    My current roommate pays $500 a month, but he's almost never here... which is a pretty good deal. Plus, I own the place, so that makes it so much nicer...

    Anyway, best of luck with the new place, etc... hopefully you'll get internet there:P