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    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2006 edited
    Remember how I said my interest in Galactic Civilizations II had dropped off pretty abruptly? Well, I played it for entirely too long yesterday and the day before. Went the technological victory route, which I hadn't done before. I don't know if it was allocating some skill points to luck at the start of the game or if, independent of that, I just got lucky, but while the rest of the galaxy eventually entered a period of near non-stop warfare, I only ended up in one war, leaving me free to dump time and funds into research on non-tactical technologies. Apparently, in the end, my people evolved into "beings of pure light" and my home star system became all glowy and full of beings of pure light and such.

    What I thought was interesting about the game though is that a new empire entered into the mix mid-game. A planet became the homeworld for a league formed out of citizens disillusioned with their respective empires, people kept getting into wars with them, and eventually I think they ended up controlling more planets than everyone else (they even completely conquered one of the other empires). Despite all that, their status stayed "minor race" and they never entered the United Planets Council.

    The one war I did get involved with was a nice distraction. It came at a point when I was basically just clicking the 'turn' button over and over, waiting for the last few technologies before technological victory to finish researching (there's 3 or 4 before tech victory that don't actually give you anything new, just bring you closer to the victory tech). I don't think I lost a single ship but it gave me something more to do when the rest of the galaxy was content to leave me alone (because it was busy fighting amongst itself).

    Anyway, yeah, I'm so back into this. Ha.
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2006
    Yeah, sometimes those minor races can be real bastards. I still haven't played the game since about the last time I blogged about it, but I think I might get sucked in again at some point...

    Maybe I'll even try to download the updates, though I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of that Stardock Central thing. In concept, it's fine, but it seems like every time I open the thing, it has to download and install a new version or update or something. Very annoying.