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    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2006
    I have beached up in New Zealand again. Don't know for how long. Bloody cold. Southern Hemisphere winter and all. If only I skied.

    Glad to be away from Asia. The sense of freedom here is exilerating -- no censorship, no watching police identity checks (when in Asia its wave the white man through for me, but it must be a trial if you are poor or a little bit darker-skinned than the locals), no more dicing with death on the roads. And clean air. Very clean air. Like pure oxygen.

    Someone figured out how the Great Firewall of China works. Occum's razer -- the simplest method is the easiest. Ingenious really:

    Its such a pest to get around it. Not worth the trouble most of the time. You hardly know anything about the outside world when you are in China.

    I bought a new 3G phone -- Sharp 770SH. Vodafone have 400.000 songs to download. A few surprises -- lots of old Gong tracks. There is nothing over 5 and half minutes long, though, which rules out most of the stuff I like.
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2006
    Yeah, I saw that China firewall thing. Pretty clever, and I'm sure it's a pain to get around, but still not secure. Kinda good that it's not so secure.

    Looks like a pretty sweet phone. How much memory can you get into that thing? Over 1 gb? Would be nice. At some point I'll need to get a new phone... one with music downloads and a nice megapixel camera would be nice...

    Have fun in New Zealand, stay away from Mordor.

    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2006
    Well, shit, this sucks:


    "Clayton, speaking at the Sixth Workshop on Privacy Enhancing Technologies in Cambridge last week, said that the researchers had reported their findings to the Chinese Computer Emergency Response Team."

    Way to aid the crushing of dissent, dick.

    • CommentAuthorgrenville
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2006
    You can get around the firewall easily enough. There are email lists that send out new proxies and it takes the security guys a couple of days to block them. The theory is that they deliberately leave gaps in the system so they can more easily monitor incorect political activity. It makes sense if you think about it.

    I've got a 512Mb SDMicro transflash in the Sharp. I read somewhere that it won't take anything larger, but don't know if that is true. You can swap cards easily enough. Its got quite a decent sized screen 2.2 inches or something which makes TV viewing OK, not that there is much on -- Sky news and Maxim Babes TV. Crap really. But I have to have the latest gadgets. Cost about $US400. I saw a new lovely-looking pastel yellow Toshiba in the SmartOne shop in Hong Kong but forget to buy it. That one hasn't arrived in NZ yet, so I got the Sharp which only available as yet in the UK, Japan and NZ.

    NZ doesn't have a dedicated Swatch watch shop, so I'll have to wait till I get back to HK to indulge in my addiction to Swatches.

    Its really, really cold here, at least compared to HK. Its not Canada cold, but when you live in a place that never goes below about 24C you really feel the cold nights below 10C. My new passion is outdoor gear. They have the best designer outdoor mountain and bush clothing and kit in the world. I love the feel of wool against skin.